Updated: Jan 5, 2019

The traditional marriage is gradually disappearing. After all, this is the internet age and very easy to establish a connection between man and woman outside of the marriage boundaries. Currently, the national divorce rate sits at 50%. The overall divorce rate for men and women in the United States of America differ from state to state. The report titled Marital Events of America: 2009 is the most reliable one. This report examines marriage, divorce, and widowhood in America.

Historically, data on marriages and divorces in the U.S. collected by the National Center for Health Statistics, but since 1996 the Census Bureau allowed American Community Survey (ACS) to collect data related to marriage, divorce, and widowhood. Regardless, in California, it is a "no-fault" state which means there are only three reasons a petitioner would have to choose from when filing a divorce in the state and "infidelity" isn't one of those choices. Therefore, it is best to arm yourself with the information needed to protect your heart and overall mental well-being. Victims of infidelity (or suspected infidelity) have the right to know about the behavior of their partner.

Being informed will allow for release from the adverse emotional effects (as well as the potential for health risks) such actions of their "trusted partner" brings. At Command Presence not only do we understand the mindset of cheaters (through personal experience) but we have a responsibility to the community to help restore all that is wonderful and beautiful about marriage and the sanctity thereof.


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