Take a proactive approach to personal security

For the most part, people do not always think of their own personal security while living day to day. We normally go about conducting personal endeavors such as going to the grocery store, getting children from school, picking up articles ready from dry cleaning, and even just browsing at the local shopping mall. Fact is, the national average for police response is 18 minutes! Take control over your personal surroundings which includes knowing where exits are while contemplating an escape route. In the event of an active shooter, there are three options in this order (1) run, (2) hide, (3) or fight. The responsibility of personal protection and the protection of your family starts with YOU....!


David Scalise MSCS, MSPA

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362


CA Private Investigator Lic #28472

CA Private Patrol Operator Lic #120597

NRA Instructor Pistol/Rifle

California Dept of Justice Firearms Certified #349571

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