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Command Presence Security and Investigative Services are committed to providing the best overall outcome in the process of fact gathering. Most of the issues dealt with in private investigations are sensitive by nature; privacy is paramount.  Our discrete methodologies stem from years of law enforcement, special operations military experience, education, and training. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.


Dishonesty in relationships can be one of the most traumatic experiences.  Unfortunately, California as a "no-fault" state will not align legal responsibility to the wrong party.  However, you can protect yourself by being informed, so the ultimate decision to gain the services of a private investigator.  The evolution of technology has allowed for cheaters to cloak their behaviors; however, surveillance with evidence-based media will solidify negative findings.

Financial Fraud

Are you a victim of financial deceit?  Would you even know if you were?  Are the assets of your business or personal finances being compromised?  Types of fraud include, (1) embezzlement, (2) internal theft, (3) payoffs/kickbacks, (4) skimming off of revenue.  At Command Presence we provide you with the answers needed to take action and move forward.

Accident Investigation

The primary objective of any insurance company is to limit financial responsibility when it comes to paying claims. You can be sure the insurance company will have all the "experts" in their corner when it comes time for your deposition. Their objective is to collect premiums from millions of subscribers and pay out as little as possible on vehicle accidents and injury claims. Often the police do not follow up on eyewitnesses who have left contact information behind after seeing a crash. Our investigators will interview all witnesses, gather information related to the mode of the accident such as removing the vehicle's onboard computer system to have it analyzed.  We have access to specialists that have had extensive training from the California Highway Patrol in accident reconstruction.

Asset Location

Are you worried that your spouse, business partner, or other professional cohort is hiding money from you? What about the business aspect of marriage and the potential for divorce as the national average currently is 63%? Part of the process with infidelity cases especially in California has to do with one party hiding assets in the event of a divorce. The stakes increase even further when there are children involved. The likelihood of child support as a reasonable part of a court parenting plan is a given in the dissolution process. At Command Presence we recognize the time and patience it takes to deal with the art of asset deception. We have trusted resources available both nationwide as well as overseas to assist in tracking what is going on with asset movements.

Background Investigation

In today's world, it is critical you are informed of exactly whom you are associating with either in a personal or business relationship. Command Presence will ensure the background of individuals you may put in your life are credible by uncovering facts to which you may not be aware. Our background checks are comprehensive and suitable for both personal and employment connections. On the own side, would you not want to know your potential new boyfriend has had numerous relationships in the past where he's gained a financial advantage as a result of your "kind-hearted" nature?  Might it be important to know he has a past conviction for rape or abuse? Let us find the facts and present them to you at a reasonable cost.

Missing Persons

Are you trying to locate someone? We can work with law enforcement collaterally or independently. Law enforcement organizations may not have the staff available to find your loved one. Our agency can also assist in the location of past friends and even military cohorts you may have served with at the time or another. When there is money owed, we can locate the debtor; although enforcing the debt may be another task.

Youth Monitoring

Our services can ensure the safety of your children is at the forefront. As a result of California legislation such as Proposition 57 dangerous felons are paroled at a faster rate for sex crimes under reclassification to "non-violent" crimes. As part of the revision, some crimes related to sexual assaults and minors are no longer considered a serious offense. Moreover, felons once convicted of sex crimes listed under Prop 57 are applying for parole and released from California state prisons at an alarming rate.  These sex offenders are being put back into the community leaving the constituents to deal with them. Command Presence dedication to protecting those who cannot defend themselves. Our services will ensure that your children are where they are supposed to be and to keep the right company including looking into friends they may be associating with potential criminal backgrounds or gang affiliations.

  • Accident Investigation

  • Address History and Address Verification

  • Adoption Inquiries, research and locates

  • Adult / Child Abduction (see Missing Persons)

  • Arson / Fire Investigation

  • Asset search and recovery

  • Automobile Recovery and repossession

  • Background Investigation

  • Bail enforcement (see Bounty Hunter)

  • Bankruptcy verification

  • Bug sweeping to identify surveillance technology

  • Business Credit Checks

  • Cheating Spouse surveillance

  • Child custody investigation

  • Civil Court Records research and retrieval

  • Civil Investigation

  • Civil Litigation Support

  • Collection of Debts

  • Computer Forensics and data analysis

  • Corporate Investigations

  • Court Records Search

  • Court records search and retrieval

  • Covert Surveillance Operations

  • Credit History Check

  • Crime scene investigations

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Criminal defense investigation

  • Criminal investigation

  • DMV / Motor Vehicle records search and retrieval

  • DNA Lab Testing Services

  • DUI or License Suspensions

  • Death Investigation

  • Debtor Locates

  • Delivery of Subpoenas, also known as process service

  • Digital Video Surveillance

  • Divorce investigations

  • Document retrieval

  • Employment History

  • Executive Protection

  • Expert Witness

  • Federal Criminal Record Search

  • Federal records search

  • Fictitious Name Filings

  • Fingerprinting

  • Forensic Investigation

  • Fraud Investigation

  • Fraud investigations

  • Fugitive recovery (see Bounty Hunter)

  • GPS tracking

  • Hidden camera surveillance

  • Home security

  • Homicide investigations

  • Identity Theft Investigations

  • Infidelity Investigations

  • Insurance Investigations

  • Insurance fraud investigation

  • Internal theft investigations / loss prevention

  • Invasion of Privacy

  • Investigate police abuse

  • Legal Experts

  • Legal Testimony

  • Locate missing persons

  • Loss Prevention

  • MVR (Motor Vehicle) Reports

  • Malpractice investigation

  • Marriage records

  • Missing Person Locates

  • Motor Vehicle Report Retrieval

  • Mystery Shopper / Secret Shopper

  • Night Time Surveillance

  • Night Time Surveillance

  • Official Statements / Interviews

  • Parental kidnapping

  • Patent and trademark infringement

  • Personal Injury Investigations

  • Personal Protection

  • Phone Records

  • Police Reports

  • Polygraph

  • Pre-Employee Screening

  • Pre-Marital Inquiries

  • Process Service

  • Property Records Retrieval

  • Public document retrieval

  • Public records search

  • Records Retrieval

  • Recovery of Stolen Property

  • Research prison records

  • Service of Process

  • Sex Offender Registration

  • Sex offender search – locate or investigate

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Skip Trace

  • Stalking investigations / Anti-Stalking

  • State records search

  • Subpoena Service / Process Service

  • Subrogation

  • Surveillance

  • Tenant Screening

  • Testify in Court

  • Theft

  • Trade Secret Violations

  • UCC Filings

  • Unclaimed Property Research

  • Undercover Investigations

  • Vehicle Tracking Systems

  • Vendor investigations

  • Vessel / Aircraft investigations

  • Video Surveillance

  • Wiretap detection

  • Witness Interviews and Statements

  • Witness Location & Evidence Preparation

  • Workers Compensation Claims and Investigations

  • Wrongful or Suspicious Death Investigations

David Scalise MSCS, MSPA

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362


CA Private Investigator Lic #28472

CA Private Patrol Operator Lic #120597

NRA Instructor Pistol/Rifle

California Dept of Justice Firearms Certified #349571

Call: (805) 317-4400 


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