Command Presence Security and Investigative Services accept various roles from clients based on need.  The elements of providing protective service to the client regress to the safety and security of defined asset/s.  Additionally our agents are trained and certified by the State of California as Emergency Medical Technicians.  We are trained in crisis situations and our staff has deployed nationwide (and worldwide) in humanitarian efforts such as Hurricane Katrina and all California wildfires.


In protective details, scenarios can change quickly.  Based on numerous years of experience in civilian and government sector roles, our security team/s are defined as "experts" in their craft.  Each member has a unique background which elevates the level of service you receive.  In protective details, a proactive response is primary as well as using low-level tactics and techniques to keep adverse situations from progressing.  Be sure our staff will respond to the level of aggression in defense of the asset based on the subject's actions.

Ventura County Protection Services

Protective Agent • Armed and Unarmed Bodyguard • Personal Security • Property Security and More

Protective Agent Role 1 (Concealed Armed)


There are times when an armed sentinel (or more) is needed based on the needs of the client.  An example would be dignitary protective service.  Additionally, not only is the client an asset but so are the items in transition to various locations.  An example would be making large monetary deposits to a bank or a jeweler transporting diamonds to another storefront.  We escort clients in any situation where he (or she) may feel compromised.  We also provide protective service for those dealing with stalking cases, and physical threats were received.  In these roles, our team can offer a protective agent to ensure the safety and security of the asset/s. In most cases, these roles involve escorting the individual to and from locations where agent presence is available and continuous.

Protective Agent Role 2 (Unarmed)


Verbal judo is relied upon to keep matters at the lowest level; an excellent protective agent relies on communication and the art of coercion.  In some cases, the client's situation may not call for the sentinel to be armed.  Although not recommended, our office can provide unarmed agents but only based on our discretion after gathering details about your case.  An example of when a client may not want an armed sentinel would be at home-hosted parties where gatherings of friends and families are celebrating a holiday or special occasion.  The role of a sentinel in these kinds of environments mainly deals with ensuring guests are not overly-intoxicated, to provide interior and perimeter security, and emergency management.  Since our staff is all medically certified as Emergency Medical Technicians, we can provide an intermediate level of care in crises.


In these roles an agent may be needed to remain at a static position; mostly undetected.  In roles such as these, the agent observes his client from afar and remains ready to react.  An example of this kind of detail would involve a spouse who is about to tell the other they are seeking a divorce.  Because of the sensitive need of the situation, a protective agent would not be table side; but at a location where observation/s can be made and act accordingly based on the subject's response.

Business Security Details

Employee terminations can be a overwhelming process for most organizations.  Workplace violence continues to escalate nationwide.  Our team can provide a consultation on how to best handle the termination and/or provide an agent to accompany your Human Resources team in the process.

 Protective Details Offered

  • Airport/s Security

  • Apartments and Apartment Complexes Security

  • Auto Dealership Security

  • Bank Security

  • Business Building Security

  • Closed Communities Security

  • Commercial Security

  • Company Security

  • Condominium Security

  • Construction Sites Security

  • High Rise Building Security

  • Hospital Security

  • Industrial Security

  • Medical Center Security

  • Homeowners Association Security

  • Hospital Security

  • Hotel Security

  • Property Management Security

  • Resort Security

  • Retail Security

  • Retirement Home Security

  • School/University Security

  • Shopping Centers Security

  • Storage Facility Security

  • Vacation Watch Security (live-in/scheduled on-site visits)

  • Warehouse Security

  • Wedding Security

David Scalise MSCS, MSPA

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362


CA Private Investigator Lic #28472

CA Private Patrol Operator Lic #120597

NRA Instructor Pistol/Rifle

California Dept of Justice Firearms Certified #349571

Call: (805) 317-4400 


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